REI YouTube Video Review

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Have you ever played Nintendo’s Animal Crossing?  Listen closely.  Do you hear that tune in the background music REI used in this “Family Camping” video?  Maybe not, but it’s close.

This camper is spot-on with his advice about keeping the meals simple, easy to pack and I love that he used a list.  It’s much harder to improvise in the woods when you only have a weekend’s worth of food.

Farm markets, road side stands and “living off the land” are great ways to make your food taste a bit more fresh and “gourmet”.  However, I don’t count on finding a maple syrup stand or a pint of fresh blueberries when I must have a topping for the ready-made flapjack mix.

I’d also avoid picking berries when you are back country hiking or camping in an area with bears.   I know, that’s a “Duh Tip” for most of you, but I’ve watched people do it.  With kids.  Eek!

Back to the video, this hungry camper seems to be cold weather camping and mentions one of his meals: ham and sauteed onions with ready-made polenta.   I’ve never tried it.  Have you?  I’ll put it on the list of “Big Breakfast” recipes to try at home this winter.  Everybody wants to be the “camp hero”!