You’ll ride like monkeys

We went to see the opening of a rodeo and they had Kapuchen monkeys riding Border Collies. Out here, rodeos are more like festivals to us. They had all kinds of old rides with new names. I got to scale rock walls and ride a mechanical bull. I don’t know who won the wild horse race, but one horse got free and won the last 2 of 3 laps. I’m having fun eating Saskatoon berries. I wonder why we can’t buy them in MI. – Nathaniel

Rodeo Tonight, Kalispell Fair

Starbucks and Wi-Fi, sweet Jesus we are back in civilization! When we were out West in 2009, we went to a rodeo and had a ton of fun. We won’t stay late, drunk cowboys are a tough crowd, but we’ll eat fair food and watch the roping and riding!