5+ Trip Planning Apps

I’m a crummy cell phone carrier who LOVES her I-touch. I rely in wifi, and find apps that work offline a digital wonder. So let’s get to it.

Trip It
I use the free version of this program. The reservation import feature keeps me from having to print everything out. It’s a nice way to remember places you’ve read about, complete with addresses and phone numbers. We never follow it like a tour schedule. It’s more like a bag of ideas, and we work in our favorites as time and weather allow.

Coleman Camp Recipes
Need a list of ingredients while you’re standing in the store? This app features all the classic campfire classics, with instructions and photos.  Take a minute to scroll through the app store, as they have several more (like a lantern).

Star Walk
We went to a star party in Glacier National Park. The sky was so dark that we could see millions of stars. Literally. Several telescopes were set-up, and we enjoyed a constellation talk (until our necks hurt). If you don’t have an astronomer handy, Stat Walk is the next best thing for checking out constellations. Try setting it on night mode and enjoy the view.

The trick is to shop for fun stops before you leave and save them as favorites. You can only access your favorite stops offline, great for super long drives that drag on and on. The app also had some fun features like fake phone calls and sunset alerts. Don’t forget to send in tips about quirky stuff in your area!

I love a physical map, but if you’re adapted to paperless, this is a great program. Download maps for the places you’ll be driving, biking and hiking before you leave. They’ll be there in your hand when you need them. While you’re at it, search for podcasts with the same name to listen to on the trail. For instance, Glacier, we found out, has several for their National Park. It was a nice change from Mike’s newest CD, which includes Red Solo Cup. . .

So, what are your favorite travel apps? The photo shows a couple more for you to explore on your own.  Here’s to hoping you get to use them soon!