How To Quickly Winterize Your Trailer

Winterize Your Travel Trailer

We own the tent trailer, or pop-up trailer as it’s known.  After a couple of frosts and a bit of snow, it was time to say “Goodbye” for the winter.  Here is how we it.

Water lines: If you have them/use them, you’ll need to flush the water out at home and put RV antifreeze in the lines.  We have one simple line to a sink, but many of you will also have a bathroom.  To cover all of your needs you should also read this step by step guide  We always cut the label off the jug and leave it in the sink as a reminder.  FYI, we have a cutting board that covers the sink, so I also store my dish soap, etc. in there.

Rodents: They are looking for a place to live this winter.  Remove ALL food, go through every nook and cranny.   Put a couple of open boxes of moth balls on the floor.  We have never had a problem.

Year Around Items: We’ll use our lawn chairs well before spring, and the kids will use their sleeping bags for sleepover and scout events.  Pull out everything you may need over the winter.

Valuables: Take anything that is “irreplaceable” out of the trailer.

Propane Tank: Take it off and leave it at home.  It’s easily removed and, therefore, easily stolen.

Refrigerator Switches: Ours are located on the outside of the trailer.  Flip them all to the OFF position.  We have two sets.  One behind each panel.

Locks: Place locks on the pop-up hasps and use them.  Also lock all of the exterior compartment doors with your keys.

Battery: Remove this as well and keep it at your house.  We need it to operate the electric breaks, so it’s removed before we leave the warehouse.

Photos: Take a photo of the condition of your trailer and the location, including the ceiling in case of damage.

Go home and start planning a trip for next spring!