Madeline’s trip experiences

Day 1:
Well on the first day, we drove, and drove, and guess what? Drove… When we got into Wisconsin (the place I associate with cheese, sorry to anyone who lives there) we stopped at a cheese place and bought a few pounds of it. That was pretty much what happened until we got to the hotel. We then went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays in the Mall Of America. I was proud of myself because I didn’t spend ANYTHING there. That was good, then we shopped for a little while then went swimming in the hotel’s pool.
Day 2:
On the second day we drove farther than the first. Can you believe it? On the first day we only drove about 500 miles, but the second day it was about 700 miles… We saw the Badlands and took a few pictures there before driving some more. After we got to the hotel we swam for a while. TIP: Hot tubes feel GREAT after a cramped up day in the car 🙂 Warm beds also are great.
Day 3:

One thought on “Madeline’s trip experiences

  1. Good old hot tubes, tubes of toothpaste? That feels awesome after a long day on the road! Just imagine how long it would be in a VW bus without air conditioning and DVD players :). Enjoy the hiking, and when you see those bears just remember you only have to outrun one person,,
    And you are the track and CC lady…


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