Vehicle Maintenance

Day Two

Our dog sitter (read: Grandma) lives north of our home, and we need to go west.  Lake Michigan was in our way of traveling west, so we came back home and spent the night.  It’s a good thing we did!

Who knows what caused this mark on our driveway before we left? Not something he wanted to wake up to yesterday before getting on the road. 

Here is Mike’s Maintenance Checklist (which had already been done):

Replaced the trailer tires, checked the bearings and the brakes.  The van maintenance: engine belt replacement, oil change and tires. Now the deep cycle battery is screaming “replace me”. Glad to have it done before we leave. Glacier National Park campgrounds do not have electricity, so we’ll be using it every night. Think of us when you turn out your lights!

Where are you headed to on your next road trip?

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